The Stuff-To-Sort-Out-Later-Box

This afternoon I’m tidying the living room and while I’m halfway done my eye catches a box….

I forgot what I had put in that box. It’s just always there and it’s often being used to put in stuff laying around. It’s a “stuff-to-sort-out-later-box”….
I’m looking at the box wondering if I should open it and finally start sorting out the stuff that’s in it….

I decide to have some coffee first. With a cup of coffee in my hand, I open the box and work my way through the stuff that’s in it. Receipts, pens, notes, crochet needles, some yarn, paperclips, tape, envelopes, an old mobile phone, cd’s, notebooks and so on…

While drinking coffee I start reading in one of the notebooks…
An old notebook from 2 years ago…memories start to come back while reading and it’s making me smile. It’s weird to look at the scribbles in that notebook, cause it was the start of something that became a big part of my life over the past few years.

Something a lot of people are unaware of, but I’ve been working with Robb Murphy, singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland for quite some time now.
At the end of the summer 2012 I found Robb’s music through the internet and Robb and I started talking. Around that time I was listening to a lot of new music and I kept wondering how it’s possible that so many great artists stayed under the radar. That depends on a lot of factors. Luck, perseverance, time…and a lot more. Time might be the biggest issue, cause next to the music most musicians have a job and, like any other person, lots of other things to do.

I started helping out by sending music to Dutch radio stations. Since I’m from The Netherlands it was an easy thing to do. I didn’t expect much from it, but the response was good and the music got played.  One thing led to another and along the way I started doing more and more.
Going through the scribbles makes me realise how much we’ve done in the past few years and how much has changed. Two tours of The Netherlands, a third tour being organised at the moment, a new album has been recorded and released, the amount of gigs is increasing, radio plays are increasing, more and more the word is spreading and with that all, the amount of work is increasing rapidly. Along the way we learned a lot. There were ups and downs. Some things worked out very well, other things didn’t. It’s a never ending search for possibilities and options to spread the word.

One thing is for sure… If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be doing all this right now, I probably would have asked that person if he/she was out of his/her mind… I just never thought that I would be doing all this, but I am. It’s good, cause I’m doing something with the one thing I’ve always been passionate about…music. Somehow our paths crossed and looking back I am very happy we somehow did meet. I love doing all this. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and I am looking forward to all that is to come and to where this journey will lead us.

The “stuff-to-sort-out-later-box” ….it was nice to look into it… it sure brought back a lot of memories. Enough for me to turn the “stuff-to-sort-out-later-box” into a memory box…a box that will be filled with a lot more notebooks and memories.

2015-04-22 00.00.16


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