Language and distance

As you’ve probably read in one of my previous blogs, I’m living in The Netherlands.
Thanks to the internet distance doesn’t have to be an issue. The work that I’m doing can be done from anywhere and there are endless options to get in touch when we need to talk things over.

Though sometimes the distance can be a bit frustrating. Almost everything we do, goes through email, the easiest way to get in touch with people. That works very well, but sometimes it would be easier to just pick up the phone and call. That would become a huge expense though, so if phone calls are needed with people from the UK, Robb is doing that himself.
Glad he does, cause even though my English isn’t bad, it’s not my first language… Writing English is a lot easier for me than speaking English, cause when writing I simply have more time to think about how I am going to say things. So, unless it’s really urgent, I’ll just let Robb do the talking. 😉

The language sometimes leads to awkward situations….
I remember that at some point Robb was asking me a question and I didn’t understand what he said… Robb can speak English very fast and what he asked sounded like one big word… I think I asked him 3 or 4 times before I understood what he said. I was about to tell him to text me the question so I could read it.

And….some words in English are just really weird….they sound like Dutch words, but have a completely different meaning in Dutch… The same thing the other way around… Dutch is not an easy language….and it’s very hard for English speaking people to pronounce Dutch words… Vowels are pronounced differently and that’s funny! If Robb and the band are here for a tour, I often get questions about Dutch words…
Robb took the picture below during a tour:
I had some explaining to do about the word ‘slagroom’…
It’s not pronounced the way English speaking people would pronounce it and has a different meaning than you’d probably think it has 😉
Slagroom = whipped cream

I forgot to ask but I hope they ordered the coffee with apple pie, vanilla sauce and whipped cream!

As for the language, that never was or is an issue. We perfectly understand each other…maybe not always right away, but eventually we do!

There have been more moments that I wished I’d live closer.
With the album release for example. A lot of work needs to be done for that and how easy would it be to just be able to step by for coffee and help with the packaging of CD’s that needed to be sent out or other things like that.  Or simply go to a gig…it’s just not possible.

And there’s that thing that I can’t watch or view everything from the BBC.
That led to some frustration yesterday!
Last night BBC Two NI broadcasted The Arts Show in which Robb performed The Darker Side.
Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the full show, but thankfully BBC Ulster uploaded Robb’s performance on YouTube, so at least I could watch that!

But benefits are there as well. The distance makes the moments you do see each other more special. Another positive is that nothing really is usual. Sure we got used to working this way, but there are always differences, simply because things are different in The Netherlands than they are in the UK. It’s more challenging to make it all work. Besides that, because I live in The Netherlands the word is spreading over here and due to that, Robb is able to tour in The Netherlands.
A third tour is being organised at the moment…. Good subject for my next blog!

Watch Robb performing The Darker Side for The Arts Show.

If you missed The Arts Show yesterday, the show will be repeated on Monday, 4th of May, 23.20 GMT on BBC One NI.

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