Ducks, coffee, sunshine, tour…

2015-04-29 13.27.44I’m sitting in the garden… coffee…sunshine… watching the fish sun bathing in the pond. Perfect Saturday afternoon! So good to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun! This week the pond in our garden had some unexpected visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. Duck thought that our pond was a nice place to stay. I gave them some bread and sat there for a while to watch them. Later in the afternoon they were gone. They returned a day later but I saw them too late…by the time I got outside with some bread they already left. I didn’t see them again so I think their conclusion was that our pond was too small for a nice and comfortable stay and the food supply wasn’t good enough 😉

At the moment we’re very busy behind the scenes. Something people probably don’t notice.
It seems to be quiet on social media and not much seems to be happening, though nothing is less true. Robb released a single, The Mysteries of the Heart, in February. After that he released his new album, Sleep Tonight, in March. There’s a new single, Headstrong, coming up soon and meanwhile we’re organising his third tour of The Netherlands, which will take place in October. Busy times, but fun to do!

The tour…organising a tour is always a challenge. The time that Robb will be here is limited,
7 – 10 days. Everything needs to be planned during those 10 days.
First thing to do is to get gigs sorted. Not an easy task. There are loads of options and possibilities, but most of those options aren’t bringing in any money. There are numerous open mic sessions, lots of venues are very welcoming as long as they don’t have to pay an act. Their motto: “We offer artists and bands a stage to perform and show the public their skills”.
With some luck they will pay for drinks and food and if they feel very generous you will get a bit of gas money. It is sickening, but unfortunately those venues can just do it, cause they keep getting artists and bands who want to play for free. And they will keep doing it, unless artists and bands stop playing for free. That’s an illusion I think…
I’m not saying that artists and bands should never play for free, but I think they always have to ask themselves the question ‘What’s in it for me?’.
This is not just happening in The Netherlands by the way… From my own experience, the situation in Ireland seems to be even more worse than it is over here. But that’s something to write about in another blog.
Back to where I was…getting paid gigs. Paid gigs are necessary, especially when it comes to touring….you need a budget to at least cover expenses. Even that is a hard thing to do. Robb always comes over with the band, so that’s a pretty big expense with flights for 5 or 6 people, accommodation, car hire, gas, food etc.
Thankfully there are a lot of venues who do pay artists to perform. They’re not always easy to find though. We’re organising a tour of The Netherlands for the 3rd time now and still we are finding venues we never heard of before.

The gigs and some radio and tv performances are sorted now, so everything is falling into place. The next thing to sort out are musicians, see which band members can take off time from work to join the tour. Then there’s accommodation, flights and instruments to be sorted.
Closer to the date we’re making a final planning and do the promotion for the tour.
But that’s not all…there’s a lot of preparation to do and also during the tour there’s always a lot that needs to be sorted. Make sure there’s enough water, food and fruit, make sure everyone is there where we need to be in time. Phone calls with venues, radio stations etc. to sort out last minute things when needed… It’s always a very busy and tiring week but it’s also a lot of fun!
A tour really is special and brings everyone involved closer together.

Have a look at the tour pictures from last year’s tour to see what we’ve been up to!

As I’ve mentioned earlier in my blog, Robb released a single in February, called ‘The Mysteries Of The Heart’. Have a listen!



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