We’ve been busy behind the scenes last week. Preparing a lot of promotion things for the upcoming release of Robb’s new single ‘Headstrong’ and preparing the tour of The Netherlands in October.

The tour… I wrote about it in previous blogs. It’s definitely one of the highlights happening during the year. At the moment we’re at the stage of looking into flights, searching for a good accommodation for the band to stay and looking for a car/van to hire. These are nice things to do and it makes me look forward to that week in October. It’s always very tiring but also so much fun!

The tours made me aware of a lot of things I never really thought about until the first tour. First of all, Robb and the band are in a completely different country… So many things are different from what they’re used to. Starting with driving on the right side of the road (or the wrong side depending on how you look at it!) and the language being different. It’s similar to being on holiday, going to a different country where everything looks and is different from home. Exciting yes, but so much to take in! What also makes it tiring is the travelling. Driving simply is tiring. But there’s also the gigs… Doing gigs takes a lot of energy too, simply because Robb and the band are giving all they have during every single gig. And it’s not only that, it’s hard work, because unlike big and well known artists who have a crew to set up everything on stage, Robb and the band are doing that all themselves. Plus the schedule is very busy, a lot of things are planned. It’s not only gigs, but there are also radio shows, showcases etc. It has happened that we’ve returned from a gig in the middle of the night and then need to be at a radio station very early in the morning, followed by a gig again at night.

I am not quite sure for whom a tour is more tiring though….Robb and the band or me… 😉
Keeping 5 or 6 people in line, making sure everyone is where they need to be….on time…making sure there’s food, water, sweets, fruit etc., sorting out last minute things with venues, making sure everything goes as planned. That is all pretty challenging and it’s tiring too! Being on time is probably the most challenging thing to do….I’ve found a good way to deal with that though… If we have to leave at a certain time, I just tell Robb and the band to be ready half an hour earlier. That way I’m sure we will be on our way in time. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned this in the blog, because Robb is reading this too, but I think he knows anyway.
To be honest though…, it’s not only Robb and the band who can cause trouble being on time. Last year I miscalculated travel time to a venue, which caused us to be an hour (or more…) late. Gig started in time, but it was much more stressful and there was less time to relax before the gig. And then there’s that thing about me being very good at driving the scenic routes… There’s always a moment when I will drive the wrong way…yes, even with navigation…

As time passes by and everyone is getting more tired, the amount of silly things happening increase.
To give you an idea…here are some pictures of silly moments during the last tour… I think that says enough…


Tiring yes, but at the same time it’s great to experience all of this and I’m sure that every tour has been and will be different. One thing for sure, a lot of memories are being made! A lot is being captured on camera or film and every time we look at the footage and the pictures it brings back so many great memories.
All of the silly things that happen, the great hospitality at radio stations and venues, the kind people we meet during the tour. Venue owners, radio DJ’s, support acts, fans and all other people involved.
There are always a lot of people involved. People lending us instruments to use, photographers, videographers, but also my own family. My parents lending me their car to use, my husband taking time off from work to take care of the children and giving a helping hand with the merch when he’s able to come along as well. And there are the wives, partners, children from the band members who are staying at home, following everything through social media. Without their support we wouldn’t be able to do this.

Here’s some more silliness to end this blog with.

Check out Robb’s profile on Vine to see more silly things happening behind the scenes:

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