Pull ups – Secret Sessions – Musician

It’s Saturday morning and I’m waking up with coffee. I wanted to do a lot of things this morning, but it’s raining. Change of plans. Instead of getting ready and go out and do everything I planned, I decide to stay in my jammies a bit longer and write a blog. So here I am, writing… music in the background, Iron & Wine…didn’t listen to their music in a while, nice music for a rainy Saturday morning.

And then the phone rang…When the phone call was finished a lot of other things came up and got me distracted from writing this blog…
That is how it often goes. Most of the time my days don’t go as planned and often it’s hard to stay focused on what I want to do.
But, there’s time to write the blog now. Coffee sorted so I’m good to go.

My last blog about the bacon pancakes and stroopwafels definitely was noticed…
Also by the band. Kevin noticed the blog and responded, which led to some interactions on Twitter. Kevin said he’d better get into shape to enjoy all the awesome food. That led to Robb involving Dave in the conversation and asking Kevin if he was going to do pull ups…
Robb said he could get it to 3 pull ups…and I just couldn’t resist suggesting to do 3 pull ups before they’ll get a pancake…
Eventually Dave responded saying that he’s up to over 10 pull ups now… Seems like the band has got some work to do to be able to beat Dave. I’m afraid Dave will end up being the only one who’ll be able to do pull ups in October.
I’m not sure what happened there on tour last year, but I’m guessing that Dave showed the rest of the band how to do pull ups and that they all tried to beat Dave on that…to find out pull ups aren’t that easy to do…
If you need a giggle, here’s the conversation that happened due to the blog I wrote last week:


Meanwhile more things for the tour are sorted now. Instruments are (partly) sorted and an accommodation is booked. An accommodation with a slide in the garden! There will be no time for the band to get bored!
Besides that, we’re still busy preparing the release of Robb’s new single Headstrong.
Robb visited John Bowe’s show ‘Locals Only’ on Nova Radio last Sunday. If you missed the show, you can listen to the song Robb played here:

And, on Wednesday Robb had a gig as part of Society Sessions at The Belfast Empire.
Another thing that happened this week is that Robb was invited to be part of the first wave of selected artists for the launch of the new Secret Sessions platform.
Secret Sessions is a platform that provides opportunities for musicians and empowers fans to contribute to the success of the musicians they love by sharing their profile.
We made a profile on Secret Sessions and it’s really good to see that people notice and that it’s being shared a lot!
If you have a spare moment, check out Robb’s page on Secret Sessions. And don’t forget to share Robb’s artist profile on Facebook or Twitter!
And while you’re there, have a look around on Secret Sessions. You can find a lot of great musicians and great live sessions on there!

The word ‘musicians’…there’s something about that word. Yesterday (after reading that word a lot) I remembered that I can’t say ‘musicians’ properly…and I can’t say it 5 times in a row without making mistakes (yes, I actually tried that)…
I said that to Robb and he suggested to make a vine of myself saying ‘musicians’…
If you don’t mind, I’ll just ignore his suggestion. 😉
But it’s true…it’s a word I can only say properly when I say it slowly and the more I say it, the weirder the word sounds.

To end this blog…here’s a picture that sums up this blog post:


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