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Power washer ~ Music ~ Penguin

Robb did some serious gardening this week…hedge trimming, cleaning…
He bought a power washer and a new addiction was born…
This is what Robb tweeted:
“Power washer where have you been all my life, can’t stop, addicted, I want to power wash the world!!”
I think Robb overdid it a bit, because due to him power washing, he had to paint the decking…
At least a friend came by to keep him company during gardening…don’t think the cat dared to come close when Robb was power washing though…pretty risky if you ask me!


We received some great news this week!
Robb was the most shared artist on Secret Sessions this month!
A while ago we made a profile on Secret Session’s website. A really great website, worth to check out if you’re a music lover. There’s a lot of great music to find!

Some sad news this week as well… Jeroen van de Beek and Walter Bakker from KX Radio (The Netherlands) had their last show “Ekxpresso” yesterday. Sad, because their support has been really great in the past few years. Jeroen was the first DJ who played Robb’s music on Dutch radio. We’ve visited them twice during the tours in The Netherlands and we have really great memories from those visits!
Just an anecdote:
The first time we visited KX Radio, Jeroen told me that Robb had to keep things small, just a guitar and vocals, because there wasn’t room for much more and he wasn’t sure if the sound would work out with more instruments. I said that to Robb, but he kept saying: “Sure, it will all be alright”.
When we arrived at the studio Walter, the producer, came down to let us in and when he saw what Robb was planning to do he got slightly worried… I will not forget the worried look on Walter’s face…he was seriously wondering how he was going to handle Robb Murphy and his ‘orchestra’… Everything worked out fine though and it was a really great show!
You can listen back to that particular show here:

The pictures below show some of the memories we have from the visits to Jeroen and Walter at KX Radio:


Again, big thanks to Jeroen and Walter for the great support in the past few years!!
To all readers from The Netherlands…if you missed the show yesterday, listen back here:

And last but not least…Robb did some clothes shopping. He took that to a whole different level…

Yoga…komkommer cocktail…

What does Yoga have to do with a komkommer cocktail? And what is komkommer??
Don’t worry I’ll explain it all to you!

Last week I wrote about pull ups. Somehow the blog I wrote about pull ups before got a lot of hits and I asked the band to send me some pictures of them doing pull ups and keep me updated on the progress that they’re making, so I can write more pull ups episodes. My blog led to some comments on Twitter and there’s a change of plans now.
This year’s activity during tour will be yoga. No pull ups, but yoga…I’m sure pictures of that will appear on Facebook and Twitter during tour…I can only imagine what kind of pictures they will be.

Komkommer…I can imagine that you’re thinking: “Komkommer? What’s that all about?”
Well, komkommer is the Dutch word for cucumber and it’s one of the few Dutch words that Robb and the band still remember and probably will never forget…
I’m not sure why that is, you’d have to ask Robb and the band to explain why it’s such a funny word. Ever since the first tour that word keeps coming back in a lot of conversations. It even led to me crocheting komkommer-keyrings for them all a while ago…
Anyway, last Friday it was really warm out here. I decided to make myself a nice refreshing drink…komkommer cocktail.
I tweeted a picture of the cocktail to the band, which led to some response…
Dave tweeted a picture of a bottle of wine and Kevin tweeted a picture of him at the gym. Apparently no one told him about the change of plans yet…no pull ups, but yoga…
Thanks anyway Kevin! You’re the only one so far who replied to my request!
While Kevin was doing a work out at the gym, Robb was in the mood for sweets…Haribo Star Mix to be exact…


Besides the silliness, work has been done as well last week.

Robb did an interview with Robert, a.k.a. The Other Guy on AFN Sigonella ( ).
If you missed this interview, you can listen back here:

Besides that Robb is this week’s ‘Mixerati Independent Artist of the Week’ on Crowdmix.
Crowdmix is a new music based social media network which is to be launched in September 2015.
The Mixerati are the members of this invitation only club and are key players in the industry – independent as well as signed artists, labels, bloggers etc.
Robb is the very first Mixerati Independent Artist of the Week feature, which is of course a great honour! If you missed the feature, check it out:

You can read in the feature that Headstrong is the Mixerati Team’s top pick from the album and one that’s been on heavy rotation at the office.

As you can read in my previous blogs, Headstrong will be the second single from the album. We’ve been working on and preparing the release for some time now. We were hoping that the single could be released before summer but there have been some setbacks. With the release of a single we depend on other people, manufacturers etc. Unfortunately delays occurred and due to that, the single can’t be released before summer.
It’s not what we hoped for, but we rather stick to the plans we made and do it all properly, so the single gets the good launch it deserves. One thing is for sure. It will be worth the wait!!
Keep an eye on this blog, Robb’s Facebook page, website and Twitter to stay updated!

Pull Ups 2 – pancakes – stars

It’s Sunday night and I had a very lazy weekend. The weather was so beautiful, so I’ve been outside most of the weekend. It’s getting chilly now, so I went inside and thought it was a good time to write a blog.

Today I was reading the blogs I wrote and looking at the stats. Many people have been reading the blogs I’m writing and that is so good to see! It’s definitely keeping me motivated to keep writing, because people seem to like the blog. I already said it in my previous blog, but saying it again. Thank you all for reading and sharing!

There’s one blog in particular that is getting a great amount of views. People from all over the world are reading it. I noticed it last week, but couldn’t figure out why.
It’s this blog:

Pull ups – Secret Sessions – Musician

After thinking about it for a while I suddenly thought of a reason why this blog is being read so often. I think it’s the ‘Pull ups’! Apparently a lot of people are doing pull ups or are interested in pull ups…
Time to write ‘Pull ups, episode 2’.
Here’s a suggestion for the band:
Dave, Al, Kevin, Rick and Robb, send me some pictures of you all doing pull ups. (just like the pictures below….that will do…)
Get practicing and keep me updated on the progress that you’re making, so I can write more Pull Ups-episodes.
It’ll be of great help because it will get up the stats of my blog. Besides that I just know you all love a challenge.


Another thing I noticed is that the pancakes blog also got a lot attention. No wonder, cause who doesn’t like pancakes? Dave was tweeting about pancakes today. He was making bacon pancakes this morning… He’s now assigned to make pancakes every morning during the tour, because he proved to be a great pancake baker.

Although it seems to be quiet, times are busy behind the scenes.
We’re still preparing things for the upcoming release of Robb’s second single from the album ‘Headstrong’ and we’re busy to get things sorted for the NL Tour in October.
As you can read in my previous blog, Robb had a gig at Love Coffee NI in Lurgan last Wednesday. It was a good gig, great atmosphere and a friendly audience. Great place for coffee, live music and more. Definitely worth a visit if you’re living nearby!

We’re also working on some live dates. Keep an eye on this page to stay updated! More dates coming up soon!

It’s starting to become dusk at the moment. I really love those longs days, especially when the weather is so beautiful as it was this weekend. I always like to go outside and be outside till it gets chilly. The sky is clear at the moment so I’ll definitely go outside tonight to look at the stars, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. I always look up when it’s dark. The universe fascinates me. And when I’m looking at the stars there’s always one song playing in my head… I love the lyrics of this song. After hearing this song for the first time, the lyrics got stuck in my head and every time I look up to the sky when it’s dark I’m thinking of this line:

“We’ve got the light of stars in our hearts”

Great song to end this blog with!

Coffee…coffee…more coffee…

Thursday morning, the weather is really beautiful today in The Netherlands, sun is shining and it’s my day off today.
I’m sitting outside, enjoying fresh air and the sun. It’s coffee time and blog time!
About 6 weeks ago I started this blog and I’m writing blog #13 now. Before I go on, I want to thank all of the people who have been reading the blog and sharing it on social media. Thank you for your nice comments to the blogs I’m writing! Much appreciated and very nice to know that you’re enjoying the reads!

Coffee…it’s no secret that I am addicted to coffee…After water it is the first beverage that I drink in the morning.
Those of you who have been following Robb on social media will know that Robb is a big coffee lover too. You can read on his Twitter profile that he’s a coffee guru and you will find a coffee mug in a lot of pictures he posts.
A while ago I gave him a huge coffee mug. Four cups of coffee will easily fit into the mug… I think Robb’s caffeine intake doubled with that mug.

Being a coffee lover there’s no better place to do a gig than at a coffee shop, which happened yesterday. Robb was asked to perform at Love Coffee NI in Lurgan as part of a 3 day music festival.
Ben, the owner of Love Coffee NI organised a nice festival with 3 nights of live music. Well worth a visit! So if you’re living near Lurgan and love music, go there to enjoy a night of coffee and live music!
Sometimes I wish I could just hop over and go to a gig. Unfortunately no one invented a
‘get-there-button’ for phones yet…

It didn’t take long before the first picture appeared online… Robb asking if anyone wants coffee…



I said to Robb that he should invite Ben to come along on tour so he can make us real coffee.
Later Robb tweeted that he’s stealing Ben to be our tour barista! Well…good coffee on tour is sorted then! 😉

When Robb got home from the gig he got in touch to let me know that it was a good gig, with a good and friendly audience. Jess McAllister (, who also performed that night, sounded amazing.
He also mentioned that Adele (from Wookalily) and her husband also came up to see him live.
Wookalily were support act when Robb had his pre-release gig for the album ‘Sleep Tonight’ at The Black Box in Belfast at the start of February. If you never heard of Wookalily before, then it’s about time to check them out 😉 Their music is great. Have a listen!

Robb told me that the gig venue at Love Coffee NI was upstairs and that Ben’s coffee shop was downstairs, but that there’s a screen so people can also watch and listen downstairs.
Robb was a bit cheeky and as he knew Ben could hear him downstairs, he ordered a coffee from the stage. Ben was so kind to actually bring Robb the coffee he had ordered!

Back to coffee…
There’s a song Robb wrote called ‘Coffee & Tea’. There’s no better song to end this blog with than this one. Have a listen!


Read how this song came about here: