Coffee…coffee…more coffee…

Thursday morning, the weather is really beautiful today in The Netherlands, sun is shining and it’s my day off today.
I’m sitting outside, enjoying fresh air and the sun. It’s coffee time and blog time!
About 6 weeks ago I started this blog and I’m writing blog #13 now. Before I go on, I want to thank all of the people who have been reading the blog and sharing it on social media. Thank you for your nice comments to the blogs I’m writing! Much appreciated and very nice to know that you’re enjoying the reads!

Coffee…it’s no secret that I am addicted to coffee…After water it is the first beverage that I drink in the morning.
Those of you who have been following Robb on social media will know that Robb is a big coffee lover too. You can read on his Twitter profile that he’s a coffee guru and you will find a coffee mug in a lot of pictures he posts.
A while ago I gave him a huge coffee mug. Four cups of coffee will easily fit into the mug… I think Robb’s caffeine intake doubled with that mug.

Being a coffee lover there’s no better place to do a gig than at a coffee shop, which happened yesterday. Robb was asked to perform at Love Coffee NI in Lurgan as part of a 3 day music festival.
Ben, the owner of Love Coffee NI organised a nice festival with 3 nights of live music. Well worth a visit! So if you’re living near Lurgan and love music, go there to enjoy a night of coffee and live music!
Sometimes I wish I could just hop over and go to a gig. Unfortunately no one invented a
‘get-there-button’ for phones yet…

It didn’t take long before the first picture appeared online… Robb asking if anyone wants coffee…



I said to Robb that he should invite Ben to come along on tour so he can make us real coffee.
Later Robb tweeted that he’s stealing Ben to be our tour barista! Well…good coffee on tour is sorted then! 😉

When Robb got home from the gig he got in touch to let me know that it was a good gig, with a good and friendly audience. Jess McAllister (, who also performed that night, sounded amazing.
He also mentioned that Adele (from Wookalily) and her husband also came up to see him live.
Wookalily were support act when Robb had his pre-release gig for the album ‘Sleep Tonight’ at The Black Box in Belfast at the start of February. If you never heard of Wookalily before, then it’s about time to check them out 😉 Their music is great. Have a listen!

Robb told me that the gig venue at Love Coffee NI was upstairs and that Ben’s coffee shop was downstairs, but that there’s a screen so people can also watch and listen downstairs.
Robb was a bit cheeky and as he knew Ben could hear him downstairs, he ordered a coffee from the stage. Ben was so kind to actually bring Robb the coffee he had ordered!

Back to coffee…
There’s a song Robb wrote called ‘Coffee & Tea’. There’s no better song to end this blog with than this one. Have a listen!


Read how this song came about here:



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