Pull Ups 2 – pancakes – stars

It’s Sunday night and I had a very lazy weekend. The weather was so beautiful, so I’ve been outside most of the weekend. It’s getting chilly now, so I went inside and thought it was a good time to write a blog.

Today I was reading the blogs I wrote and looking at the stats. Many people have been reading the blogs I’m writing and that is so good to see! It’s definitely keeping me motivated to keep writing, because people seem to like the blog. I already said it in my previous blog, but saying it again. Thank you all for reading and sharing!

There’s one blog in particular that is getting a great amount of views. People from all over the world are reading it. I noticed it last week, but couldn’t figure out why.
It’s this blog:

Pull ups – Secret Sessions – Musician

After thinking about it for a while I suddenly thought of a reason why this blog is being read so often. I think it’s the ‘Pull ups’! Apparently a lot of people are doing pull ups or are interested in pull ups…
Time to write ‘Pull ups, episode 2’.
Here’s a suggestion for the band:
Dave, Al, Kevin, Rick and Robb, send me some pictures of you all doing pull ups. (just like the pictures below….that will do…)
Get practicing and keep me updated on the progress that you’re making, so I can write more Pull Ups-episodes.
It’ll be of great help because it will get up the stats of my blog. Besides that I just know you all love a challenge.


Another thing I noticed is that the pancakes blog also got a lot attention. No wonder, cause who doesn’t like pancakes? Dave was tweeting about pancakes today. He was making bacon pancakes this morning… He’s now assigned to make pancakes every morning during the tour, because he proved to be a great pancake baker.

Although it seems to be quiet, times are busy behind the scenes.
We’re still preparing things for the upcoming release of Robb’s second single from the album ‘Headstrong’ and we’re busy to get things sorted for the NL Tour in October.
As you can read in my previous blog, Robb had a gig at Love Coffee NI in Lurgan last Wednesday. It was a good gig, great atmosphere and a friendly audience. Great place for coffee, live music and more. Definitely worth a visit if you’re living nearby! http://www.lovecoffeeni.com/

We’re also working on some live dates. Keep an eye on this page to stay updated! More dates coming up soon!

It’s starting to become dusk at the moment. I really love those longs days, especially when the weather is so beautiful as it was this weekend. I always like to go outside and be outside till it gets chilly. The sky is clear at the moment so I’ll definitely go outside tonight to look at the stars, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. I always look up when it’s dark. The universe fascinates me. And when I’m looking at the stars there’s always one song playing in my head… I love the lyrics of this song. After hearing this song for the first time, the lyrics got stuck in my head and every time I look up to the sky when it’s dark I’m thinking of this line:

“We’ve got the light of stars in our hearts”

Great song to end this blog with!

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