Yoga…komkommer cocktail…

What does Yoga have to do with a komkommer cocktail? And what is komkommer??
Don’t worry I’ll explain it all to you!

Last week I wrote about pull ups. Somehow the blog I wrote about pull ups before got a lot of hits and I asked the band to send me some pictures of them doing pull ups and keep me updated on the progress that they’re making, so I can write more pull ups episodes. My blog led to some comments on Twitter and there’s a change of plans now.
This year’s activity during tour will be yoga. No pull ups, but yoga…I’m sure pictures of that will appear on Facebook and Twitter during tour…I can only imagine what kind of pictures they will be.

Komkommer…I can imagine that you’re thinking: “Komkommer? What’s that all about?”
Well, komkommer is the Dutch word for cucumber and it’s one of the few Dutch words that Robb and the band still remember and probably will never forget…
I’m not sure why that is, you’d have to ask Robb and the band to explain why it’s such a funny word. Ever since the first tour that word keeps coming back in a lot of conversations. It even led to me crocheting komkommer-keyrings for them all a while ago…
Anyway, last Friday it was really warm out here. I decided to make myself a nice refreshing drink…komkommer cocktail.
I tweeted a picture of the cocktail to the band, which led to some response…
Dave tweeted a picture of a bottle of wine and Kevin tweeted a picture of him at the gym. Apparently no one told him about the change of plans yet…no pull ups, but yoga…
Thanks anyway Kevin! You’re the only one so far who replied to my request!
While Kevin was doing a work out at the gym, Robb was in the mood for sweets…Haribo Star Mix to be exact…


Besides the silliness, work has been done as well last week.

Robb did an interview with Robert, a.k.a. The Other Guy on AFN Sigonella ( ).
If you missed this interview, you can listen back here:

Besides that Robb is this week’s ‘Mixerati Independent Artist of the Week’ on Crowdmix.
Crowdmix is a new music based social media network which is to be launched in September 2015.
The Mixerati are the members of this invitation only club and are key players in the industry – independent as well as signed artists, labels, bloggers etc.
Robb is the very first Mixerati Independent Artist of the Week feature, which is of course a great honour! If you missed the feature, check it out:

You can read in the feature that Headstrong is the Mixerati Team’s top pick from the album and one that’s been on heavy rotation at the office.

As you can read in my previous blogs, Headstrong will be the second single from the album. We’ve been working on and preparing the release for some time now. We were hoping that the single could be released before summer but there have been some setbacks. With the release of a single we depend on other people, manufacturers etc. Unfortunately delays occurred and due to that, the single can’t be released before summer.
It’s not what we hoped for, but we rather stick to the plans we made and do it all properly, so the single gets the good launch it deserves. One thing is for sure. It will be worth the wait!!
Keep an eye on this blog, Robb’s Facebook page, website and Twitter to stay updated!

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