Power washer ~ Music ~ Penguin

Robb did some serious gardening this week…hedge trimming, cleaning…
He bought a power washer and a new addiction was born…
This is what Robb tweeted:
“Power washer where have you been all my life, can’t stop, addicted, I want to power wash the world!!”
I think Robb overdid it a bit, because due to him power washing, he had to paint the decking…
At least a friend came by to keep him company during gardening…don’t think the cat dared to come close when Robb was power washing though…pretty risky if you ask me!


We received some great news this week!
Robb was the most shared artist on Secret Sessions this month!
A while ago we made a profile on Secret Session’s website. A really great website, worth to check out if you’re a music lover. There’s a lot of great music to find!

Some sad news this week as well… Jeroen van de Beek and Walter Bakker from KX Radio (The Netherlands) had their last show “Ekxpresso” yesterday. Sad, because their support has been really great in the past few years. Jeroen was the first DJ who played Robb’s music on Dutch radio. We’ve visited them twice during the tours in The Netherlands and we have really great memories from those visits!
Just an anecdote:
The first time we visited KX Radio, Jeroen told me that Robb had to keep things small, just a guitar and vocals, because there wasn’t room for much more and he wasn’t sure if the sound would work out with more instruments. I said that to Robb, but he kept saying: “Sure, it will all be alright”.
When we arrived at the studio Walter, the producer, came down to let us in and when he saw what Robb was planning to do he got slightly worried… I will not forget the worried look on Walter’s face…he was seriously wondering how he was going to handle Robb Murphy and his ‘orchestra’… Everything worked out fine though and it was a really great show!
You can listen back to that particular show here:

The pictures below show some of the memories we have from the visits to Jeroen and Walter at KX Radio:


Again, big thanks to Jeroen and Walter for the great support in the past few years!!
To all readers from The Netherlands…if you missed the show yesterday, listen back here:

And last but not least…Robb did some clothes shopping. He took that to a whole different level…

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