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It’s Saturday…weekend, time to relax. It’s chilly outside. This morning it was snowing, but the snow now turned into rain. I just turned up the heating and made a big pot of tea. Time to write a blog.

The new year has started.
Behind the scenes plans are being made for this year.
One more single and video will be released from the album ‘Sleep Tonight’ and Robb is making plans to record a new album.
There are no big events planned in the near future. We’re having a bit of downtime which we’re using to catch up and focus on what we didn’t have time for during the past year. Time for Robb to write songs, time to do research and find new opportunities and more time to just relax…

Crocheting (yes, I’m a big crochet lover!) and listening to music is my way to relax. I love to cuddle up on the couch with a big mug of coffee or tea. There’s always an unfinished ‘crochet-project’ to keep me busy. To me crocheting is like meditation, it relaxes me and it’s a way to express my creativity. When I’m crocheting I’m always listening to music. Right now I’m listening to the album ‘If I was’ by The Staves. I downloaded that album months ago, but I didn’t start listening to it until a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been listening to it a lot ever since.

I’m a big music lover and so is Robb.
I listen to all kinds of music, from classical music to rock and everything in between, new music, but also music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.
Often I’m looking for new music. There is such a great amount of talent out there. I prefer listening to music that usually isn’t being played on the big radio stations. Thankfully there’s the internet and there are numerous ways for artists to spread the music. I’ve been finding a lot of new music in the past few years, due to the work I’m doing behind the scenes for Robb. We found a lot of blogs, magazines and radio shows that do pay attention to new music and there are so many more great sources like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. to find new music.
We often share links to new music with each other. Last week Robb was all into listening to new music and the idea came up to make a playlist on YouTube of music we like a lot and are listening to at the moment.

Over to you! You can contribute to this playlist as well.
Click on the link below, save the playlist and you’ll get permission to add videos to it.
Add your favourite music, share what you are listening to at the moment. Surprise us! We’d love to listen!




The Darker Side


People who’ve been following Robb Murphy and have been listening to his music will know ‘The Darker Side’.
Last week Robb posted a picture on Instagram. The beginnings of ‘The Darker Side’, which brought the idea to write this blog.
A lot of songs have developed in the past few years, but with this song in particular you can hear the difference and how it has grown, because there are a lot of versions to find online.

Beginning of The Darker Side

The Darker Side is one of the few songs from the album ‘Sleep Tonight’ that wasn’t written in Italy. Robb wrote it in spring 2013.
In June 2013, not long after Robb wrote ‘The Darker Side’, he uploaded the demo on Soundcloud.

Robb and the band started playing this song live, but it wasn’t until 2014 before the song was recorded.
During the recordings of the album ‘Sleep Tonight’ Robb wrote several blogs and shared previews of several songs from the album. In July 2013, just before Robb finished the album, he uploaded a vocal taster of The Darker Side on Soundcloud.

Robb finished the album at the end of July 2014. It was sent off for mastering and right after that he and his fiancée went on holiday. During their holiday they filmed several acoustic videos of songs from Sleep Tonight.
One of those songs was ‘The Darker Side’. A different version of the song was born.

I remember hearing this version for the first time and I really loved it. Just like all songs from the album ‘Sleep Tonight’ this song can be played in many ways, full band or just stripped back with only a guitar and vocals.

The album ‘Sleep Tonight’ was released in March 2015. The Darker Side is the first song of the album:

Not long after the release of ‘Sleep Tonight’ Robb was asked to perform an acoustic version of ‘The Darker Side for The Arts Show (BBC TWO).
Due to the great feedback Robb received on this performance he decided to record and a release a new, stripped back, acoustic version of ‘The Darker Side’.

Last summer the band started rehearsing again and the song kept developing.
A tour of The Netherlands was planned in October and that’s when the best version of the song (so far) was recorded during a live session for Live uit Lloyd, RTV Rijnmond in Rotterdam.

Recently Robb donated the album version of ‘The Darker Side’ to AER Music. They’ve put together a CD of local music which they’ll sell to raise money for Love Amy ( )
AER Music was launched in January 2014. It’s named in memory of founder Mark Reids daughter Amy, who passed away from cancer in February 2013. Their aim is support local music and provide a platform to introduce it to a listening audience and through what they do raise funds to support children and young people affected by cancer and invest in its research.

The Darker Side – lyrics

When the night falls in and the nightmares come
When there’s fading light and the day is done
I will fight you ‘till the morning comes
I will guard my heart and steady my head

‘Cause there is hope for all mankind
If we let go of the darker side
There’s nothing here to hold us back
And everything is open wide
If we let go of the darker side

Down the hill and through the pastures
To the old stone smokey house
I’ve not been here for years
Afraid that I will not confide
Not let go of the darker side

Here I am I come to you
With an open hand but life’s tattoo
I will fight you ‘till the night turns day
Everything is open wide
If we let go of the darker side
If we let go of the darker side
If we let go of the darker side


Artwork – Ronan Reid

It’s the fourth day of the new year and everything is turning back to normal again. The children went back to school again today and work starts again tomorrow. During the weekend I took down all Christmas decorations and yesterday I started tidying and cleaning the living room. The house feels empty now, but it also feels good that ‘normal’ life starts again.
Time to sit down and write a blog while enjoying a big mug of tea.

Subject of this blog…the album artwork. Those of you who have been following Robb for a while  most likely have noticed the artwork of the albums and singles. Even though we’re living in the days of digital downloads and streaming, album artwork is very important. It’s the first thing you see before even hearing the music. Eventually it’s all about the music, but an album without artwork is like a book without a cover. The album artwork reflects and represents the music and the artist and is therefore very important.

The artwork for Robb’s singles and albums is made by Ronan Reid.
Ronan Reid is an artist originally from Ireland, who lives in Melbourne, Australia.
His work is really amazing. Whatever idea Robb has in mind for an album or single artwork, Ro is always able to translate those ideas into amazing covers.
Have a look!

First the artwork of Take A Stand, Robb’s debut album and the singles released from that album.

Below the artwork of Robb’s second album ‘Sleep Tonight’
This album was written in Italy. The cover of the album shows the remote house where Robb and his fiancée stayed during their holiday and where Robb wrote most songs from the album.
The second picture shows what the double vinyl looks like from the inside. The images are places Robb and his fiancée visited during that holiday, places that were an inspiration at the time Robb wrote the album.
The third picture shows two pages from the CD booklet.

Below the artwork of the singles released from the album ‘Sleep Tonight’.

What stood out to me the most was the artwork Ro Reid made for ‘Headstrong’.
I remember that I was blown away by it when I saw it for the first time.
It’s a head with a multilayered timber tunnel representing the self-built inner focus you make to get things done.
Ro was inspired by ‘Inversion’ which was an artwork by sculptors Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. You can read more about it through the following link.

If you want to know more about Ronan Reid, visit his website for more info:


As always a song to end this blog with.
A live version of ‘Bound For Your Arms’ recorded live for Universe Radio ( during the tour of The Netherlands a couple of months ago.

Watch and enjoy!

Thank you!!

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!
Another year has passed. Two days ago I wrote a blog and summed up the highlights of what happened behind the scenes in 2015. It is really good to see that sum up and remember everything.
Yesterday Robb and I were talking about it all. There really is a huge amount of people involved with Robb’s music. Curious to how many people actually were involved in 2015 I started making a list…
I wasn’t aware of how many people we’ve been in touch with and how many people have been supporting Robb’s music in the past year…

BBC Radio Ulster
Brian Mullen
Marie-Louise Muir
Mairtín De Barra
Paul McLean
Stephen Rainey
Gerry Kelly
Rory McConnell
Cherrie McIlwaine
Ralph McLean
Stuart Bailie

BBC 2, Northern Ireland
The Arts Show

Oh Yeah Centre,
Ryan O’Neill

Rebecca Armstrong

Adele Ingram
Lyndsay Crothers
Louise Potter
Sharon Morgan

Good See PR
Linda Coogan Byrne
Aoife Lanigan

Manilla PR
Tony McDonagh

AFN Sigonella,
Robert Guerra

Airplay Radio NL

Backseat Mafia,
Jane Crow

Bearded Radio
Joe Doherty

Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival
Colin & Anne Magee

AER Music Club
Mark Reid
John Dynes

Blast Xtra,
Chris Barber
Kiel Cathers

CEOL Collective

Chat and Spin Radio,
Ian Johnson


NI Lights
Bee Murray
Lyndsay Malone

Cyber FM
Donna Havern

Dancing About Architecture
Dave Franklin

Under The Radar Live,
Brooklands Radio
David Durant

It’sAll Good Radio Show
Debbie Hyde

Drive 105,
Dee Curran

Dundalk FM,
Tracey Hanby

EGH Radio
Stephen Lambert
Anne Lambert
Niki Tyler

Find A Song,
Steffi Fixemer

Fourculture Magazine

Golden Plec

Claire Love

KX Radio
Jeroen van de Beek
Walter Bakker

Marjan de Jong

Matt Barker

New Folk Sounds

NI Music
Matt Bishop

Pure M Magazine

Q Radio, Maurice Taggart

Radio Stad Harlingen
Anita Damsma
Roeland Aalfs

Grandcafe De Weinstube,
Freddy Celis

Ross Ocego


RTV Arnhem
Ron van Arnhem

Standing O Project,
Art of the Song
John Dillon
Katie Mitchell
Vivian Nesbitt

Black Cat Radio,
Steve Luff

Voicebox Live
AnMarie Doherty
Nicky Hall
Gongle Shanks
Kara Jarina

The Spread Show
Kevin Mann, Martin Shaw
Sword Radio
Powermix FM Radio
Independent Radio Network
GloTime Radio
Run FM
Derbyshire FM
Fasching Web Radio

Fruitbat Walton

U&I Magazine

Trust The Wizzards

Universe Radio
Michiel & Patricia Bouwmeester

Urban Kelt

USN Blog

Vallei Radio
Chris Hoesen

Omrop Fryslân
Willem de Vries

RTV Rijnmond
Live uit Lloyd
Ronald van Oudheusden
Iwan, Bob & Marleen

Radio 2 (NL),
Hans Schiffers

8 Radio
John Loftus
Ann Marie Walsh

John Barker

BFBS Radio
George Ellis

Dapper FM
Acoustic Routes,
Dave Chamberlain

Folkal Point,
Colin MacDonald
Dunoon Community Radio
An Radio
Radio Saltire
Revival 100.8 FM
Blues and Roots Radio, Canada
Siar FM

Helen Grant

Stephen Barbour

Martin Bridgeman
Roddie Cleere

One Eyed Hog
David O’Sullivan

Laura Caldwell
Chris Caldwell
Paul Caldwell
Neil Carey

Alf McCarthy

Ray Colclough

Open The Door Radio,
Virginia Dupew

Highland Radio,
Jimmy Stafford
Linda McGroarty
Paul McDevitt

Huffington Post
Thoughts of just a fan,
Jane Ireland

Angry Baby Blog,
Flo Bannigan

In de ban van NL,
Rob de Greeuw

Niki Bulten

All Irish Radio
Ireland’s ABC Christmas
Paul Barrett

Love Coffee NI, Lurgan
Ben Nelson

Cloth, Lurgan
Mark Turkington

Blend Bold

Find New Indie Music

Citizen Music Ireland
Jo Wright
Junior Johnson

Parker Bombshell

Addictions and Other Vices Podcast

Audio Graffiti,
Mark Taylor

Kleintheater De Vier Pelikanen,
Jan Dirk van Ravesteijn

Café ’t Keerpunt,
Willem Dijkema

De Taamvenhoeve

Darren Fox

Peter M. Smith

Ireland Laid Bare
Peter M. Smith
J.D. Kelleher

Your Music Ireland

ZFM Zandvoort
Alt FM, Jaap Koper,
Lee Madge

Sara Bosch

Daisy Schneiders

Julian Deleij

Marja de Boer

Dorien Geusebroek

Muziekcentrum Tirion
Tanja Tirion
Micha Tirion

Klein Paradiso Concerten,
Delia Bremer

Theaterboerderij Boeket,
Jos Levels

De Schuttershoeve

Blues Magazine,
Patrick Esbee

The Next Gig,
Richard Wagenaar

Rudie Humphrey

Culture Northern Ireland,
Daniel Robinson

Nicola Paul

Alan Ladd

Louise Ladd

Aaron Ladd

Fiona Bennington

Dave Bennigton

Rick McKee

Kevin Carlisle

Nick Topping

Lauren Molloy

Ann Stutz

Carl Best

Dean Moore

Jon Moorehead

Neal Catherwood

Acoustic Showcase NI,
Ronnie Purvis

Three for Three music showcase

Belfast Samaritans
Pamela James

Andrew Farmer

Ulster String Quartet
Danny McCann-Williams
Sian Hetherington
Nicholas Rippon
Thomas Jackson

Percy Robinson

Amanda Agnew

Lottie Field

Allan Acason

Alan Dickson

Jamie Fotheringham

Michael Fotheringham

Catherine Grace Kane

Hazel Paul

Robert Paul

Courtney Schwendner

Kelly Smiley

Paul Steele

Chris Tame

Exodus Lisburn,
David Frazer

Maggie Reid Casey

Craig Done

Clare Hawkins

Arada Kantahong

Emily Shields

Alex Shields

Deefir and Pat,
Rosemary Morrison

Muziekhuis Souman

Eve Williams

Ronan Reid

Kaz Hawkins

Ron Janssen

Rianka van der Neut

The Mad Dalton

and….not to forget….all fans, people who came to the gigs, friends and family…

It’s a very long list of names… It’s really good, but also overwhelming to see this list and become aware of the great amount of people who’ve been supporting Robb’s music.
Thank you all very much for the great support in 2015!!
Happy New Year and best wishes to you all!

Happy New Year