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It’s a beautiful day…

It’s a beautiful day…The sun is shining…I feel good…And no-one’s gonna stop me now!

Put your earplugs in, because I’m singing here! 😉
Not really…it’s just that this song is stuck in my head since yesterday morning…
The weather is so great at the moment. It’s cold but it’s sunny and you can already feel that the sun is gaining strength. I am so much enjoying this weather. It awakens me from hibernation, it brings me energy. The days are getting longer and nature is coming to life again. Crocuses are blooming and it won’t be long before our magnolia tree in the back yard will be filled with flowers.
I love just love this time of the year.

After some down time in the past 2 months, things are starting to take off again as for the music.
The release for ‘To Be A Fool’ is coming up on the first of April. (You can still send in your silly clips and pictures to! )
Besides that I’ve already started preparing things again for the tour of The Netherlands in October/November of this year and I’m still catching up on work for which I didn’t have time yet.
Robb has been working on songs for a new album. We’re not sure yet when the next album will be recorded. Robb and the band will first work on the arrangements of the songs and Robb might write more songs in the following months, so it will take a while before everything is ready to record.
There are also a few gigs coming up. The first gig will take place on Saturday the 5th of March during the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival in Belfast.

The Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival is a unique festival, the first of its kind in the UK (and beyond!), created by Panarts. Their main focus and aim is to put songwriters centre stage and to create opportunities for songwriters to develop themselves and to connect with people from the music industry. The 5 day festival will be showcasing new, upcoming, established and also award winning artists from Northern Ireland and abroad.
The 12th edition of the festival will take place from the 2nd of March till the 6th of March. Forty concerts will take place during the festival and more than 100 artists will perform.

You can see Robb Murphy live at the ‘In The Round Concert’ with Georgia Middleman (USA), Donal Scullion and Rab Wishart in the Pretoria Concert Room, Clayton Hotel, Ormeau Avenue in Belfast, doors: 2.30 pm, show starts at 3 pm.
For more information and tickets you can visit the website below:

or read the festival brochure:

As always, a song to end this blog with.
Again an old song, ‘Love In Abundance’.
This was the first single from Robb’s debut album Take A Stand.
The video was filmed and directed by the very talented Carl Best

Where’s my inspiration??

Ever tried writing when you don’t have any inspiration?
I am actually doing that right now… Since the start of the year I’ve been telling myself that I should write a blog again…which I did a couple of weeks ago. I hoped that by writing that blog inspiration to write more blogs would come back to me but it didn’t…
I really love writing but for some reason I am not inspired at the moment…
Somewhere in the past few months I lost my inspiration and I can’t remember where I left it 😉

Last Friday I told myself to write a blog again during the weekend…nothing happened… All that is happening is a little voice in my head telling me that I haven’t been writing for a long time and that it’s really time to get back into it again…
Numerous times I decided to write a blog. Determined I would start my laptop, open a blank page  and start writing…well…not really… 9 out of 10 times nothing would happen and if I did write something I was kind of disappointed after reading it…the delete button has been used a lot! What often happens is that there’s always something that distracts me…I end up searching for new music, watching silly videos, reading totally not important and irrelevant posts on Facebook or I put my laptop aside and start crocheting…or start doing things that are on my way too long to-do-list.

I’m off for two days now and yesterday I (again) decided to write a blog.
Well, here I am…writing…
And to my own surprise I already wrote more than I did in the past couple of weeks!
The subject ”no inspiration” seems to bring inspiration…
I might as well keep it going now!

As you’ve probably already noticed on social media or read in my previous blog, Robb will release a new single ‘To Be A Fool’ on the 1st of April. We’ve been receiving lots of silly pictures. Thank you to those of you who’ve already contributed to the video! If you didn’t join yet, you can still be involved!
Send your silly clips and pictures to and you’ll see yourself in the finished video!

The artwork for the new single is finished and is created by Ronan Reid.

Artwork 'To Be A Fool' by Ronan Reid

Check out his website to see more of his great work!

Last but not least, there are a few gigs coming up in the following months:

Saturday 5th of March, Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, In The Round Session in the Pretoria Concert Room in The Clayton Hotel Belfast, doors 2.30 pm

Saturday 26th of March, The Good Life Festival, 1 pm

Saturday 9th of April, Irish Vegan Festival at the Ulster Hall, 1.30 pm

Time to end this blog… No blog without a song! An old song this time, ‘Never Letting You Go’.

Listen and enjoy! And…don’t forget to download the song, it’s free!

New Music Video – You can be involved!

It’s Monday and it’s stormy outside. I don’t have to go anywhere today, so after doing some necessary laundry and cleaning I’m making some coffee…time to sit down. I’m  going through the emails, catching up on social media and looking at my “music-things-to-do-list”… The list is endless and I’m wondering what I’m going to start with today…
Thoughtlessly I’m drinking my coffee while I’m looking outside…the birds are having trouble to fly in this stormy weather. This weather makes me long for summer and sunshine!
While drinking my coffee I decide that the first thing to do is to write a blog. It’s about time! With no news to share we haven’t been active on social media in the past few weeks and I didn’t write blogs. It seems quiet but plans are being made for this year and we’re taking time to catch up on work and do some necessary things for which we didn’t have time in the past year.

But…there’s news to share now!
Robb is going to release the single ‘To Be A Fool’ on the 1st of April (no joke! 😉 ) and you can be in the new music video! All you have to do is send your silly pictures or videos of you, a friend, family member, your pet etc. (past or present!) to

I can imagine that you’re thinking “Silly pictures? What kind of silly pictures?”
I’m not sure if the band agrees with me, but I think it’s good to show some examples. Over the years we took a lot of pictures and by now there’s a nice collection of silly pictures of the band… While going through the pictures I notice something…Kevin in particular is very photogenic, especially when it comes to silly pictures…

Get involved! We’re looking forward to seeing your silly pictures or videos!

There will be more news to share soon, so keep an eye on this blog, Robb’s Facebook page, Twitter or website to stay updated!

A song to end this blog with…
The album version of ‘To Be A Fool’ featuring the amazing Ulster String Quartet.
Listen & enjoy!