It’s a beautiful day…

It’s a beautiful day…The sun is shining…I feel good…And no-one’s gonna stop me now!

Put your earplugs in, because I’m singing here! 😉
Not really…it’s just that this song is stuck in my head since yesterday morning…
The weather is so great at the moment. It’s cold but it’s sunny and you can already feel that the sun is gaining strength. I am so much enjoying this weather. It awakens me from hibernation, it brings me energy. The days are getting longer and nature is coming to life again. Crocuses are blooming and it won’t be long before our magnolia tree in the back yard will be filled with flowers.
I love just love this time of the year.

After some down time in the past 2 months, things are starting to take off again as for the music.
The release for ‘To Be A Fool’ is coming up on the first of April. (You can still send in your silly clips and pictures to! )
Besides that I’ve already started preparing things again for the tour of The Netherlands in October/November of this year and I’m still catching up on work for which I didn’t have time yet.
Robb has been working on songs for a new album. We’re not sure yet when the next album will be recorded. Robb and the band will first work on the arrangements of the songs and Robb might write more songs in the following months, so it will take a while before everything is ready to record.
There are also a few gigs coming up. The first gig will take place on Saturday the 5th of March during the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival in Belfast.

The Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival is a unique festival, the first of its kind in the UK (and beyond!), created by Panarts. Their main focus and aim is to put songwriters centre stage and to create opportunities for songwriters to develop themselves and to connect with people from the music industry. The 5 day festival will be showcasing new, upcoming, established and also award winning artists from Northern Ireland and abroad.
The 12th edition of the festival will take place from the 2nd of March till the 6th of March. Forty concerts will take place during the festival and more than 100 artists will perform.

You can see Robb Murphy live at the ‘In The Round Concert’ with Georgia Middleman (USA), Donal Scullion and Rab Wishart in the Pretoria Concert Room, Clayton Hotel, Ormeau Avenue in Belfast, doors: 2.30 pm, show starts at 3 pm.
For more information and tickets you can visit the website below:

or read the festival brochure:

As always, a song to end this blog with.
Again an old song, ‘Love In Abundance’.
This was the first single from Robb’s debut album Take A Stand.
The video was filmed and directed by the very talented Carl Best

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