Introducing Kevin Carlisle…the man behind the beat!

It’s a new year! Time for something new… I wrote a lot of blogs in the past few years about everything happening behind the scenes, but not once have I introduced the band to you. It’s about time!

Starting off with Kevin Carlisle, the man behind the beat!
Over the past few years I got to know Kevin a bit during the tours in The Netherlands. Kevin is funny, he’s always up for silliness, he loves being photographed (not really) and – I’m not sure how he does that – he can sleep anywhere at any time.

No better way to get to know the band better than sending them all some silly questions. Here’s what Kevin said:

Tell me a little about yourself
I’m quirky, love making music and also making people laugh!!

Coffee or Tea?  (An important subject for Robb Murphy and the band, they are fueled by caffeine!)
Defo coffee not into tea at all. 

3 songs on your playlist right now?
Psy – daddy:
On the Nature of Daylight – Max Richter:
Bang Bang – Green Day :

How did you meet Robb and where?
First met Robb back in The Minority days. His band organised a gig in the Pavilion Bar, we were one of the support bands. Also it was our first gig in Belfast as the John Shelly and the Creatures (later Master & Dog). Was a great wee night.

Describe one perfect day…
LOL, being off work!!! Actually sleeping in…. I always wake up at 7am, stupid biological clock. I would make a batch of Kevy pancakes; 2 eggs a whack of self raising flour, and a dollop of whole milk, mix, cook then top with maple syrup. Boom! Also this perfect day would consist of chilling out watching TV with the missus. Playing drums/guitar and computer games. This one is tough! Lol moving on.

Cats or Dogs?
I don’t mind either. But have more of a preference to cats.

Do you dance?
Awkwardly and badly.

I say it’s time for some choreography practice Kevin!!

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
Usually I would say my bed! I mean who doesn’t love their own bed. I’d happily be on the road playing gigs right now … that’s the dream.

Favourite place in Northern Ireland?
NI is such a nice wee place. But I advise everyone to go to Sugar Rays in Dundonald. Get the ultimate combo…. so much meat!!!!

Who would you be nervous to meet?
I wouldn’t say I would be nervous to meet anyone. I usually go head first into first contact with people.

True or False… the drummer is in charge!
Now this doesn’t have to be asked. See the GIF for why!! Lol.

Kevin GIF.gif

Silliest thing you’ve done on the latest NL tour?
Drinking then dancing to YouTube videos. I blame the alcohol. You should talk about it with the other lads in the band.

What’s your most valued possession?
My drum kit yup. It’s a bit awesome.

Future plans?
Can’t think that far ahead!!!

If a penguin wearing a sombrero walked into your room right now, what would you do and why?
Video it, put it on the internet and watch the millions roll in!! Lol.

Name one thing about music that drives you crazy?
Counting songs in. I hate it!!!

Can you share some of your thoughts on the music scene in NI?
One tough nut to crack! The scene is small with loads of really talented folk! If only people went out to more gigs the world would be a better place.

How many instruments do you play?
Drums, some percussion. I used to play the clarinet and alto sax. I like to tinker on piano when I can find one, guitar/ bass.

Favourite t-shirt?
Any of my Adventure Time t-shirts.

Top 3 places you’d love to play live
Ulster Hall Belfast
Mandela Hall Belfast
SSE Arena Belfast.

What surprises you the most?
Ermmm that after 30 years I still stay up too late hahaha.

Favourite thing about the Netherlands?
I probably should say stroopwafels, but it’s how nice everyone is. They truly do appreciate the music. 🙂

Favourite song from high school?
Ah jaysus this is like saying what’s your favourite food.

The offspring – Kids Aren’t Alright.

What inspires you?
I take inspiration from friends, family and other musicians. Keep an open mind listen to all types of music, you never know when you’ll find that next song or tune that stays with you forever.

Thanks for this Kevin!

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into the man behind the beat! You can follow Kevin on Twitter  Stop by and say hello!

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