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🎶 do do do do do do 🎶 do do do do do do do do do do 🎶

Just a conversation I had with my 14-year old son this week:

Me: “Did you put clean bed sheets on your bed last weekend?”

Son: “I think so…”

Me: “I think not because there’s no bed sheets from you in the laundry basket”

Son: “I did it the week before!”

Me: “I think not, it’s been 4 weeks since I saw bed sheets from you in the laundry. I want you to put clean bed sheets on your bed tonight”

Son: *roles his eyes and sighs* “You know that magic sometimes happens…The fairy (read: mum) sometimes does it for me and I was only waiting for magic to happen”

Me: “I hate to break the news, but the fairy resigned. She’s is done with cleaning out your bedroom and she won’t do it anymore”

Son: “Is that what the fairy told you?? That’s a shame…”

Everyone raising teenagers will probably recognise conversations like this… And even if you don’t have children, you may remember how you were as a teenager… at least I remember it clearly! Things have changed so much in the past decades, but teenagers are still the same.

These are just everyday situations. Life with teenagers is challenging, but it also brings an awful lot of fun! Speaking of challenges, try keeping the house tidy when you have teenagers… Those of you who tried it, may have ended up like me. I gave up seeing it as a challenge, because it’s simply a mission impossible. I just clean and tidy the house and see it as a weekly returning chore, keeping things limited by avoiding the children’s bedroom…I simply close their bedroom doors so I don’t see their messy bedrooms anymore. With some luck I get to enjoy all the work for a couple of hours…until one of the children gets home from school. When they get home, it only takes a couple of minutes before the house looks like a bomb has exploded. In no time there will be a trace starting at the back door where you will find shoes, halfway into the living room there will be a sports bag, a little further into the living room you’ll find a school bag. School books, paper and pens on the dinner table, a coat on the floor in the hall way, socks half way upstairs, and more socks and a towel in front of the bathroom. I have to admit that I never have to search anymore to know where the children are…all I have to do is follow the trace. 😉

Another challenge is to get teenagers do house chores… Words like “cleaning”, “dish washer”, “tidy”, “laundry” or sentences starting with “Can you please…” or “I would like you to…” immediately cause something that looks like an allergic reaction… Their eyes will start to roll, followed by big sighs…faces turning red…there’ll be an instant urge for fresh air or even a need for a shower or visit to the bathroom… They’re even putting their fingers in their ears as if loud noise is making their ears hurt….even if I just whisper…

Overtime things are getting better though. Of course the children will never admit that it feels good to have a clean and tidy bedroom and they will never admit that cleaning and tidying can be fun with some loud music on. And yes, they will always complain, but at least they’re doing the chores we tell them to do and doing it all their own way. One thing for sure…our negotiating skills have improved and are still improving!

Those who’ve been reading my blogs will probably wonder what this has to do with Robb Murphy’s music… Well…nothing… This is just another day in my life… except for one little thing…

This song…


Whenever things get a little too much, I simply sing:

“Relax cut yourself a break mate, your mind is a fragile thing
Brain waves crave a little rest bite and skin needs sunlight

do do do do do do
do do do do do do do do do do

You haven’t really lived
You haven’t really lived ‘til you’re far from
The strongest and the wise
The hopeful and the few that lay between

You haven’t really lived
You haven’t really lived ‘til you’re far from
The strongest and the wise
The hopeful and the few that lay between
I need my headstrong
I need my headstrong”

As for the music, things have been crazy busy behind the scenes. We’re still in the middle of promoting the single ‘Sleep Tonight’. A couple of weeks ago a release event took place at 101 Donegall St. in Belfast along with the Ulster String Quartet in support to raise awareness of mental health through video and song. The support was provided by Randall Stephens Hall and Brigid O’Neill. See pictures below:

Robb also performed a stripped back version of Sleep Tonight on The Arts Show on BBC Radio Ulster. Click on the picture below to listen:


In case you’ve missed it…
You can buy the single on Bandcamp and get ‘Bound For Your Arms’ (Sessions In The House Recording) for free. That’s over 10 minutes of music for £ 1,– with all proceeds going to The Samaritans Belfast.

Next to this Robb is working on new songs, of which one was shared a few weeks ago as a taster. You can listen to it here:

Want to stay updated about all things happening regarding Robb Murphy’s music? Follow him on social media and keep an eye out on his website:



Hello 2018!


Someone please turn back time… Tomorrow I’ll be back at work after a 2 week break and I’m far from ready… I can already see myself waking up tomorrow morning totally confused and wondering why my alarm went off in the middle of the night… It may take a minute but then reality will kick in… Break is over, the new year started, no more pyjama days and no more sleeping in. Back to work it is!
Hello holiday blues! 😉

It’s good to get back into some routine though. Being off for a while is good, but laziness kicked in and I lost my productivity at some point during my 2 week break.

It’s also time to get things going again with the music. We have a lot of plans for 2018. Last year was all about setting the foundations. Like Robb mentioned in his newsletter, for us 2017 has been a year of planning and preparing for the new things to come in 2018. We have been writing, recording, upgrading (studio and brains), creating online content, and collaborating.
This year we’ll be sharing a lot of what we’ve been working on and we’re really looking forward to it!

Just in case you’ve missed things on social media, here are a couple of updates:

A new website is one of the things we’ve worked on last year and it’s live now. Check it out! You’ll find news, pictures, music, videos, blog, tourdates and more!


Let us know your thoughts about it! Do you like the website? Is there something missing on the website that you would like to be there? We would love to get your feedback!

Also, we’re now using Bandsintown to announce gigs. Track Robb on there to stay updated on upcoming live shows.

Upcoming Tour Dates


It’s 9 pm and I’m going to relax a bit and think of the good memories made in the past few weeks before going to bed.
Time to end this blog with a song… ‘Headstrong’
I definitely “need my headstrong” tomorrow!!


Headstrong / NL Tour

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog… Two months have passed… Often I thought about writing a blog, but I was too busy with other things… And if there was time and I sat down to write, I couldn’t get a blog written. But…here I am… It’s Friday night, weekend just started and I’m making time to write again.

Earlier I was reading the last blogs I wrote and realised how much I didn’t share on the blog yet… So much has happened in the passed two months! Robb has released the single ‘Headstrong’ along with a music video. Just in case you’ve missed it… Watch! The animals kept Robb busy for months…the result is well worth a watch!

After their escape from the zoo no one heard from the animals again until the day ‘Headstrong’ was released… The animals were very excited about the release! Look at what happened on the morning of the release day:

I’m not sure how the animals are doing now, but as far as we know they’re still free… I think that at some point they will show up again…

Another thing happening was the tour of The Netherlands… For months we’ve been preparing things and closer to the tour I realised that I actually had forgotten how much work it is… Sending out press releases, contacting venues to check up on everything, getting merchandise sorted, flyers, tour posters, make a comprehensive tour planning, check up on the accommodation, get groceries, pick up instruments and amps and there’s so much more to do just before a tour.
But…we managed to do it and all the work was so much worth it…

What an amazing week it was. We traveled from the north of the country to the south and back to do gigs, radio shows and a TV show. A lot of people came to the gigs and it was good seeing people enjoy the music so much. Robb and the band performed at great venues and we’ve met a lot of people.

Below are a couple of links to radio shows. You can listen back to the shows online.
Live uit Lloyd, RTV Rijnmond:

Universe Radio, Showcase:

It’s hard to fit everything into one picture but the picture below sums up what we’ve been doing during the tour.


It’s been a very tiring but really great week. Many people were involved. The hospitality and kindness of people was really great to experience and we had a lot of fun. The weather was great during the whole week. There wasn’t much time for sight seeing, but we did get to enjoy great views while traveling and had time to visit the Euromast in Rotterdam to experience amazing views from 180 meters above ground… Below some of my favorite pictures of the views we got to see.


Last Monday the tour ended. Robb and the band flew back to Northern Ireland, taking great memories back home with them. Back to ‘normal’ life again… But for now I will probably be looking at all the pictures we took to remember the good times we had…and to hold on to the good feelings the tour brought…

A song to end this blog with…actually a couple of songs.
Last week Robb and the band performed at Noardewyn Live, a Dutch TV show on Omrop Frylân.
Watch and enjoy!

Yoga…komkommer cocktail…

What does Yoga have to do with a komkommer cocktail? And what is komkommer??
Don’t worry I’ll explain it all to you!

Last week I wrote about pull ups. Somehow the blog I wrote about pull ups before got a lot of hits and I asked the band to send me some pictures of them doing pull ups and keep me updated on the progress that they’re making, so I can write more pull ups episodes. My blog led to some comments on Twitter and there’s a change of plans now.
This year’s activity during tour will be yoga. No pull ups, but yoga…I’m sure pictures of that will appear on Facebook and Twitter during tour…I can only imagine what kind of pictures they will be.

Komkommer…I can imagine that you’re thinking: “Komkommer? What’s that all about?”
Well, komkommer is the Dutch word for cucumber and it’s one of the few Dutch words that Robb and the band still remember and probably will never forget…
I’m not sure why that is, you’d have to ask Robb and the band to explain why it’s such a funny word. Ever since the first tour that word keeps coming back in a lot of conversations. It even led to me crocheting komkommer-keyrings for them all a while ago…
Anyway, last Friday it was really warm out here. I decided to make myself a nice refreshing drink…komkommer cocktail.
I tweeted a picture of the cocktail to the band, which led to some response…
Dave tweeted a picture of a bottle of wine and Kevin tweeted a picture of him at the gym. Apparently no one told him about the change of plans yet…no pull ups, but yoga…
Thanks anyway Kevin! You’re the only one so far who replied to my request!
While Kevin was doing a work out at the gym, Robb was in the mood for sweets…Haribo Star Mix to be exact…


Besides the silliness, work has been done as well last week.

Robb did an interview with Robert, a.k.a. The Other Guy on AFN Sigonella (https://www.facebook.com/afnsigonella ).
If you missed this interview, you can listen back here:

Besides that Robb is this week’s ‘Mixerati Independent Artist of the Week’ on Crowdmix.
Crowdmix is a new music based social media network which is to be launched in September 2015.
The Mixerati are the members of this invitation only club and are key players in the industry – independent as well as signed artists, labels, bloggers etc.
Robb is the very first Mixerati Independent Artist of the Week feature, which is of course a great honour! If you missed the feature, check it out:


You can read in the feature that Headstrong is the Mixerati Team’s top pick from the album and one that’s been on heavy rotation at the office.

As you can read in my previous blogs, Headstrong will be the second single from the album. We’ve been working on and preparing the release for some time now. We were hoping that the single could be released before summer but there have been some setbacks. With the release of a single we depend on other people, manufacturers etc. Unfortunately delays occurred and due to that, the single can’t be released before summer.
It’s not what we hoped for, but we rather stick to the plans we made and do it all properly, so the single gets the good launch it deserves. One thing is for sure. It will be worth the wait!!
Keep an eye on this blog, Robb’s Facebook page, website and Twitter to stay updated!


It’s a very lazy Sunday out here…
It’s raining and we didn’t have to go anywhere, so I decided to just stay in my jammies, nice and comfortable! Perfect day to just take it easy.

As you can read in my previous blog, Headstrong will be the next single from Robb Murphy’s new album ‘Sleep Tonight’.
What most people don’t see is what needs to be done to prepare a single release. Of course it starts with picking the song. Not always an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when deciding which song from an album will be released as a single. Maybe the most important thing is to look at the feedback the album and songs got so far. Next is to decide which other songs will be included with the single. An album track? Record a new song? Live recording? A lot of other decisions have to be made as well. Sell the single as a digital release online? Have CDs or Vinyl copies manufactured?  Do it all? Shoot a video or not? Artwork needs to be sorted and a plan to promote it all is needed as well.

There will be a video for Headstrong. At the moment Robb is planning and sorting things out for a video shoot.
The artwork for Headstrong is finished. In the past few years Robb worked with the very talented Ronan Reid. He created the artwork for the album (and the singles from) ‘Take A Stand’ and also created the artwork for the album ‘Sleep Tonight’, the single ‘The Mysteries of the Heart’ and now ‘Headstrong’.

1.artwork Headstrong

Headstrong is one of the songs that features The Ulster Quartet. The song has a very infectious melody, it will make you smile and tap your feet!!


Spiders creep across your skin like tickley fingers
Ice melts down your spinal chord like lights on a highway
Feels like nothing’s going your way, you’re in over your head
Not smart, heart is in the car park pining for home time

You haven’t really lived
You haven’t really lived ’til your far from
The strongest and the wise
The hopeful and the few that lay between
I need my headstrong

Caffeine fuels you when your stressed, messed, chocolate or cinnamon ?
Irate people in your face waste your only coffee break
Trapped, caved, man your feeling brave, escape is priority
Sparks fly, cogs and leavers just die, ready for beddy time

You haven’t really lived
You haven’t really lived ’til your far from
The strongest and the wise
The hopeful and the few that lay between
I need my headstrong

Relax, cut yourself a break mate, your mind is a fragile thing
Brain waves crave a little respite and skin needs sunlight

do do do do do do
do do do do do do do do do do

You haven’t really lived
You haven’t really lived ’til your far from
The strongest and the wise
The hopeful and the few that lay between

You haven’t really lived
You haven’t really lived ’til your far from
The strongest and the wise
The hopeful and the few that lay between
I need my headstrong
I need my headstrong

Keep an eye on this page and on Robb’s facebook page to stay updated about the release of the single.