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Robb Murphy - Afterglow Cover art

The boats stack up as they wait for the lock
The captain’s at the table and he’s glad for the stop
He’s got a place he can saddle his shoes
Feet on the land and a drink with his crew

Time will pass years will go
Memories fade stories grow
Here at The Turning Point I’ve come to know
Peace is found in the afterglow

The mood is up as the sun goes down
And the sky rolls over Spijkerboor town
Nobody here feels a stranger’s weight
As the night unfolds the stories are told
God this place has a home in my soul

Two men who met their fate
One robbed one killed by the state
He thought he’d sneak on through
But cut down as suspicion grew

A place for medication, a home for a school
A place for an army to gather and rule
And when they lined up the locals to vet
They couldn’t find where the secrets where kept

The mood is up as the sun goes down
And the sky rolls over Spijkerboor town
Nobody here feels a stranger’s weight
As the night unfolds the stories are told
God this place has a home in my soul

And there may be nothing in a young man’s eyes
But give him time and he’ll awake inside
If it’s what you want stars will align
Don’t let others change your mind

They come from east, they come from west
Music is a force that pounds underneath your chest
Nobody here feels the stranger’s weight
As the night unfolds the stories are told
God this place has a home in my soul

‘Afterglow’ tells the story of a special place, a place we’ve visited each time Robb and the band were touring in The Netherlands; Café ‘t Keerpunt in Spijkerboor. Spijkerboor is a small village in Drenthe (province in the north of The Netherlands) with a peaceful and rural character. I remember walking into the pub for the first time and we were welcomed by the owner, Willem Dijkema, his wife Anneke and dog Skipper. It felt like stepping back in time. The pub breathes history and there’s a story attached to everything you see in the pub. From the pictures and instruments on the walls, to the cabinet behind the bar and the jukebox.

The story of the ‘t Keerpunt starts around 1750 when a lock keeper started a small pub for captains who had to wait at the ship lock. Since then the pub had 11 different owners, but until today the pub still exists. It stood the test of time.

‘t Keerpunt (translated to English: The Turning Point) is the heart of the village. It’s where locals come in to have a drink, eat and talk and it’s where events and activities take place.
It’s not only locals visiting the pub. The pub is known for its live music, poetry, literature and plays. Artists from all over the world have performed there and people come from far to see their favourite artists play there.

A few years ago Willem asked Robb if he would be up for writing a song about ‘t Keerpunt. More artists did the same and Willem explained that he wanted to make a compilation CD of songs about ‘t Keerpunt. Robb didn’t have to think twice about it and right away said yes to that request. This compilation CD will be released later on this year when Willem and Anneke will celebrate their 20 year ownership.

Each time Robb and the band performed at ‘t Keerpunt it feels like coming home. Many great memories were made there. The kindness, warmheartedness, the hospitality, the history… this pub is one of a kind. And this is what the song is about. Afterglow… a song about Café ‘t Keerpunt, a place where the stories and the music will never stop.

You can download ‘Afterglow’ on Bandcamp NOW!

‘Afterglow’ will be available on Spotify, iTunes, iTunes Music Player, Google Play Music, Amazon and other online music stores and streaming services from the 15th of March 2019.

Music to celebrate life


‘…Murphy’s lyrics are serene, subtle and tender…’

‘…it will stop anyone who appreciates quality music in their tracks…’

‘…There’s no doubt in my mind that these tunes will continue to impress folk lovers for years to come…’

Just a few quotes from a review we received of ‘The Mysteries of the Heart’ last week.
The review was written by Tommi Tikka, who’s the curator of the ‘Music To Celebrate Life’-playlist on www.musicto.com

A couple of weeks ago I submitted ‘The Mysteries of the Heart’ to this playlist and a few days later Tommi Tikka got in touch with me. He listened to the song and was impressed. We had a nice conversation by email, some more information was exchanged and Tommi wrote a review.

We were really happy to read this review. First it’s encouraging and motivating when someone takes time to listen to the music, but it’s even more encouraging when the music stops people in their tracks and makes them listen to more. Receiving positive reviews and feedback is great but what makes a review special is when you read what a song does and how it affects someone.

As an artist, Robb writes and records a lot of music. Things that inspire him are just everyday situations, nature, dreams etc. Once a song is released we always hope that people will listen, but even more we hope that people can identify with the lyrics and that the music will affect them. There really is nothing more rewarding than that!

You can read the full review here:

If you’re a music lover and like to discover good playlists and new music on Spotify then take a moment to also check out www.musicto.com – you can even become a ‘Music To’ playlist curator!
You can find all of their playlists through the following link: https://www.musicto.com/search-spotify-playlists/

‘The Mysteries of the Heart’ was released a couple of years ago as the first single from the album ‘Sleep Tonight’. There are several versions of the song. Listen below!


Where’s my inspiration??

Ever tried writing when you don’t have any inspiration?
I am actually doing that right now… Since the start of the year I’ve been telling myself that I should write a blog again…which I did a couple of weeks ago. I hoped that by writing that blog inspiration to write more blogs would come back to me but it didn’t…
I really love writing but for some reason I am not inspired at the moment…
Somewhere in the past few months I lost my inspiration and I can’t remember where I left it 😉

Last Friday I told myself to write a blog again during the weekend…nothing happened… All that is happening is a little voice in my head telling me that I haven’t been writing for a long time and that it’s really time to get back into it again…
Numerous times I decided to write a blog. Determined I would start my laptop, open a blank page  and start writing…well…not really… 9 out of 10 times nothing would happen and if I did write something I was kind of disappointed after reading it…the delete button has been used a lot! What often happens is that there’s always something that distracts me…I end up searching for new music, watching silly videos, reading totally not important and irrelevant posts on Facebook or I put my laptop aside and start crocheting…or start doing things that are on my way too long to-do-list.

I’m off for two days now and yesterday I (again) decided to write a blog.
Well, here I am…writing…
And to my own surprise I already wrote more than I did in the past couple of weeks!
The subject ”no inspiration” seems to bring inspiration…
I might as well keep it going now!

As you’ve probably already noticed on social media or read in my previous blog, Robb will release a new single ‘To Be A Fool’ on the 1st of April. We’ve been receiving lots of silly pictures. Thank you to those of you who’ve already contributed to the video! If you didn’t join yet, you can still be involved!
Send your silly clips and pictures to fool@robbmurphy.com and you’ll see yourself in the finished video!

The artwork for the new single is finished and is created by Ronan Reid.

Artwork 'To Be A Fool' by Ronan Reid

Check out his website to see more of his great work! www.roistootall.com

Last but not least, there are a few gigs coming up in the following months:

Saturday 5th of March, Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival http://belfastnashville.com/, In The Round Session in the Pretoria Concert Room in The Clayton Hotel Belfast http://www.claytonhotelbelfast.com/, doors 2.30 pm

Saturday 26th of March, The Good Life Festival, 1 pm http://goodlifeoxfordisland.com/

Saturday 9th of April, Irish Vegan Festival at the Ulster Hall, 1.30 pm

Time to end this blog… No blog without a song! An old song this time, ‘Never Letting You Go’.

Listen and enjoy! And…don’t forget to download the song, it’s free!

Inspiration and motivation

When I started this blog, I was wondering if I could keep the writing going. But there is so much to write about and to share…so here I am…writing blog #3 within one week.

In the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about what inspires me, and what motivates me to keep doing what I do behind the scenes. The first thing that came to mind is that it brings me energy. It simply doesn’t feel like work. But why? That’s not an easy question to answer, cause there are so many reasons why this brings me energy.

One of the reasons is the constant challenge to make things work. Like I wrote in my last blog, sometimes things turned out to be a waste of time and money, but that’s simply how it goes. You won’t know, until you’ve tried. The challenge is to come up with another idea, try something new and make it work. There’s not a handbook for musicians to find which tells you step by step what needs to be done to succeed. Of course there is a lot of information to find on the internet and some websites do have really good advice for musicians, but you will have to make your own plan and try things to see if it works. It’s a matter of not giving up. There have been numerous days when I didn’t feel confident that I could get things sorted or make things work. It’s how you deal with the disappointments and rejection. It’s a learning process. There never was a moment in the past few years that I thought about giving up though. Until now it’s always been two steps forward and one step back, followed by two steps forward, one step back and so on, that’s not bad at all! 😉

And there’s that thing that you just have to like challenges when you’re working with Robb Murphy. To give an example…(this is only one of the many examples I can give…) Robb came over for a tour for the first time. Getting a tour sorted is a lot of work and doing that for the first time is pretty stressful. I was happy that I got everything sorted. At least I thought I had everything sorted…including instruments for the band to use when they were here. Robb got in touch with me about a week before the tour saying he had good news, but that he’d probably make my head explode. Another band member could come along, the bass player…but…a bass guitar and an amp were needed… Well…talk about a challenge…where was I supposed to get a good amp and a bass guitar at the very last minute?? Thankfully I had an idea pretty fast and it all got sorted, but it sure was a challenge…

But…back to what I was writing about…reasons why the work I’m doing behind the scenes is giving me so much energy. The many positive things that happen are one reason.
Another positive, is the increasing amount of people who’ve listened to Robb’s music. Even though we know there are a lot of people who will like Robb’s music, the key is to find those people. It’s hard to find them and even harder to get those people to listen to the music. Thankfully, there are a lot of people who do take a couple of minutes to listen to the music and it’s really great to see when they share it on social media. Those people probably don’t have a clue how much it is appreciated, but it is really helpful and great to see people sharing music online.

Another reason is the kindness of the people we’ve met and worked with. From venue owners, to DJ’s, musicians lending their skills, blog writers, promoters, bookers, support acts, people lending us instruments to use while on tour, fans who are spreading the word and people who just give a helping hand. Really great experiences that inspire me and keep me motivated.

And last but not least…it’s fun to do! We laugh a lot and silly things happen a lot. I suggest you just go and check out Robb’s Vine page to see what I’m talking about 😉