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Story behind the picture #2

What’s going on in this picture? Well…it’s just another day in Mr. Murphy’s life… 😉

There’s more to tell about this picture though.
Two years ago Robb released ‘Headstrong’. For this song a video was created, involving a bunch of animals who escaped from the zoo.
In the run-up to the release we shared photos of the making of the video, created a story around the animals and also shared photos of animals taking over Robb’s house. Next to that a few promotional videos were made. When the picture above was taken, Robb was filming this video…animal on the loose…

…and then his phone rang… 😆
The person Robb was speaking to probably never knew what was happening.

For the next video Robb dressed up as a zookeeper… trying to catch those pesky animals:

Thinking back about the ‘Headstrong’-release makes me giggle. The making of the video and the run-up to the release brought so much fun and laughter!

Here’s a link to the pictures of the video shoot. This will give you an idea of how the making of the video went:

Preparing the release and the making of the video took up a lot of time. Many people were involved with the video, including friends, family, band members and even The Ulster Quartet!
Along the process more ideas came up and there was this last minute idea to make a release video. Band members got involved once more to help with the making of that video. The animals took over Robb’s house…waiting for Mr Postman to deliver a ‘Headstrong’-vinyl.

The release of ‘Headstrong’ was a success; the song received a lot of critical acclaim. ‘Headstrong’ is one of Robb’s most streamed songs on Spotify and yesterday the video passed the 20000 views on YouTube.

Listen on Spotify through the following link. Please give Robb a follow while you’re there, so you’ll stay updated on future releases!

If you’re a vinyl lover…there are still some 7” vinyl singles left! You can get a copy through the following link:






It’s Sunday morning and I’m waking up with coffee. The start of a beautiful day. The sun is shining, today temperatures will go up to 25°C. It’s still quiet in the house. The children are still sleeping. I love these moments…some quiet time in the morning. I’m never in the best mood when waking up. It’s always best to just let me be for a bit and don’t say too much in the morning. I always need time to wake up and get myself ready for the day.

I’ve not been writing much lately. Summer is distracting me. Last night I was sitting outside. It was a beautiful summer night. I watched the sunset. It’s something I really love. Seeing the colours of the sky change and while it’s getting darker seeing the stars getting brighter. Last week Wednesday there was a meteor shower and I spent a couple of hours outside star gazing. So beautiful to see! It always makes me realise how insignificant we actually are. While looking up I was thinking that a lot of people were probably doing the same thing as I did, star gazing… It’s weird to think that no matter where you are in the world, no matter how different things are in each country and how torn apart this world is, we all share the same sun, moon and stars.
While star gazing I always think about a lot of things. It’s always putting me in a thoughtful mood, making me count my blessings, making me remember people who aren’t there anymore but have a special place in my heart.

Last night I was thinking about all that is to come in the following months as for Robb’s music.
There’s a very busy time ahead of us. A single/video release is coming up and there’s the tour of The Netherlands in October.
Last week another date was added to the tour. It’s a very full and busy schedule! I’m looking forward to this week. It will be a tiring, but great week! Below is the tour poster with all dates.

2015 Poster - master copy B

The video for ‘Headstrong’ is in editing stages at the moment. One thing is for sure, the making of this video already got a lot of attention…online and during filming.
Imagine that you’re walking your dog on a quiet day and bumping into these animals…
In the first take of this scene, the Monkey slipped in mud and the Giraffe’s head got stuck in the trees …

Or imagine people’s reaction to this… The Ulster String Quartet playing while the animals are dancing around…

A few more scenes need to be filmed for this video, which will take place very soon. Keep an eye on Robb’s social media sites to stay updated about the video and single release!

A song to end this blog with…’Stars’, a song Robb wrote after he and his fiancée spent a night watching a meteor shower.
This is a live version of the song, recorded two years ago.

What is this light, that comes from above ?
Channeling time, channeling life

To see these starts for the first time
A brand new light in the sky

Now we know, yes we know
There is light, there is love
We will stand, we will fall
Still light shines on

I look at one star, pointed and bright
The longer I stare, I’m engulfed by the light

Out of sight in the day
Overwhelmed by light from the sun

Now I know, yes I know
There is light, there is love
We will stand, we will fall
Still light shines on

Now we know, yes we know
There is light, there is love
We will stand, we will fall
Still light shines on

We’ve got the light, we’ve got the light of stars in our hearts
We’ve got the light, we’ve got the light of stars in our hearts
We’ve got the light, we’ve got the light of stars in our hearts
We’ve got the light, we’ve got the light of stars in our hearts

The album version is available here:

Space cake

Sunday morning…a very lazy Sunday morning.
Summer arrived in The Netherlands. It’s very warm out here. Temperatures went up to over 30°C, but thunderstorms will be chasing away the heat today.
It’s too warm to be outside, so it’s a perfect time to write a blog.
Coffee sorted with a slice of ‘ontbijtkoek’.
Ontbijtkoek, literally translated breakfast cake, is a spiced cake, often spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg. It’s one of the Dutch treats I send over to Robb every now and then. There’s a story to tell about the ‘ontbijtkoek’… Last year I went to Belfast with a friend. In Amsterdam when we were waiting to go on the plane, we saw our suitcases go into the plane. It was a good flight and we arrived at the airport in Belfast, went through customs and waited for our suitcases. My friend’s suitcase was there pretty soon, but mine wasn’t. We kept waiting but my suitcase never came. Every passenger on the plane had already left and I felt slightly stressed out, because we saw our suitcases go into the plane in Amsterdam and I was worried that it would go back to Amsterdam on the next flight… We asked a customs officer and while we were talking to her, my suitcase suddenly came up on the baggage carousel…
While walking towards the exit we saw some customs officers looking at us and I was wondering what was going on. When we came closer one of the customs officers asked us to come along.
Mmm…I didn’t have anything to hide and knew I didn’t take anything with me that wasn’t allowed, but still it got me slightly nervous… After being asked the regular questions of why we were visiting the country and if we took things with us for someone, I had to open my suitcase. I looked at the code on my suitcase and saw it was still the same as when I left it at the airport in Amsterdam. Somehow I remembered those numbers. That kind of relieved me because that meant no one had messed with my suitcase… I opened my suitcase and the customs officer went looking into the things I took with me. At some point she took out a pack of ontbijtkoek…and said ‘Oh, alright, this is what they saw on the x-ray’… Here’s a picture of the ontbijtkoek…


I just couldn’t help it and I started to laugh! The ontbijtkoek had shown up as if it could have been drugs… Keeping in mind the shape of the packs of ontbijtkoek and the fact that we came with a flight from Amsterdam, I can understand why we were asked to open our suitcases at customs.
The customs officer laughed about it too, she said it looked really nice and asked me what was in the cake. For some reason I said about the stupidest thing you can say being in a situation like that….”There’s cinnamon in the cake, don’t worry, it’s no space cake”…
It was out before I knew it…while thinking about the comment I just made and wondering why I even said that, I looked at the customs officer. Thankfully the customs officer started laughing about that comment and wished us a great stay.
This story probably will follow me forever. Jokes are still being made about it and in conversations ‘ontbijtkoek’ is being called ‘drug bread’ 😉

It’s been very busy behind the scenes. So busy, that I didn’t have time to write a blog last week. Time for an update now!
Robb did some serious clothes shopping… Animal costumes…
Just in case you missed it…here are some videos he posted on social media in the past two weeks… Some people think he has a new hobby, others are slightly worried about him… I’m just wondering what’s next…

Most things for the tour of The Netherlands in October are sorted now. Flights are booked and a car is sorted. We’re looking forward to the tour!
Robb performed for Q Radio’s Roadshow at Ballymoney In The Park last week Saturday and last but not least, The Darker Side (Acoustic) was released.
A while ago Robb performed The Darker Side on The Arts Show (BBC). Here’s a link to the video of that performance.
The Darker Side – The Arts Show – BBC

Robb received great feedback about his performance and decided to record an acoustic version of The Darker Side. You can stream and download the song here:

Time to finish this long blog. Just like so many other people we will have some time off this summer. Things will most likely be quiet behind the scenes and I probably won’t be writing many blogs, unless there’s news to share. I’ll leave you with a picture that sums up what happened behind the scenes in the past few weeks. Have a great summer!