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Next time…

It’s cold outside. I just made some tea and turned up the heating. It’s a lazy Sunday. No plans to go out today, so I decided to just stay in my jammies. Perfect moment to write a blog again.

We’re busy behind the scenes… Last week I was thinking back about the past few months and realised how busy we’ve been since the start of September… The release of ‘Headstrong’ and the tour of The Netherlands kept us very busy. There’s no time to take it easy though… Robb and the band had a couple of gigs in the past few weeks and Robb will release another single before Christmas. At the moment we’re preparing things for the release. Next week a video shoot will take place. Robb is seeking volunteers for this! If you’re living somewhere close to Lisburn and up for being involved in this video and available on Sunday the 29th of November, please read the message below and get in touch!

I can’t believe how fast time is going, Christmas is only 4 weeks away. Just a couple of weeks ago the colours of autumn were so beautiful. The views in nature were so great. Here’s a picture I took in Rotterdam during the tour a couple of weeks ago…
By now the trees lost their leafs, the days are getting shorter and we’re spending more time inside the house. I don’t like the short days…it always makes me long for spring, summer…sunshine and warmth. Though what’s nice is that during the winter we’re spending more time together. Playing games with the children, cuddle up on the couch, watch a movie, bake cake or cookies…things we don’t do as much during summer.

Time… is it your worst enemy, or is it your best friend? Time is going fast and it’s easy to forget how precious time is, because once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Time seems to becoming more and more precious as we get older. A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a month, a year….time…it’s bringing countless options, possibilities, chances…decisions…
Time…it comes and goes, slowly or fast. Time is a second or a year, time is now or never. Time heals,  teaches, brings hope, but also fear. Times can be confusing, but time also makes things clear. Time brings lots of joyful moments. Time is right here, right now… It’s good to be aware of how you spend it…do what you love, with the people you love. Spend time on things that make you happy and feel good, live in the moment, because tomorrow today will be a memory. Let every day be a good memory! Don’t worry if things aren’t going the way you hoped for…learn from mistakes and think: “We’ll get it right next time”…which brings me to a song…the song I want to end this blog with…
‘Next Time’, a new song Robb and the band played live for the first time during the tour in The Netherlands.

Robb made a video of the NL tour footage along with the live recordings of the song. The song was recorded at Live uit Lloyd on RTV Rijnmond in Rotterdam.

Watch and enjoy!

Sunny Mountain

It’s the end of a beautiful warm day and I’m sitting in the garden looking at the sunset.
I decide to write a blog. Taking my laptop outside with me, and making an attempt to write.
The photos on my laptop distract me though. I’m just back from a two-week holiday and I can’t stop looking at the pictures we took. We did a lot and saw a lot of beautiful places in Germany. Two weeks away and although we’re only back for a couple of days now, it already feels like we’re back much longer than that. Just thinking that we were still enjoying our holiday last week is weird and makes me think that two weeks is way too short a time to fully wind down. I’m not the easiest person to start relaxing. It always takes a while for me to wind down and I always have a hard time restarting again after a break. Now that we’re back everything is slowly turning back to normal, starting with laundry and all of the day-to-day matters. We have to work again next week… which I don’t even want to think about…not yet…
It’s good to be home again, but at the same time I wish our holiday could have lasted a bit longer…
Looking at the pictures, memories of the past two weeks come back and make me smile. We had a good time together and laughed a lot. We saw so many beautiful places and it was great to experience an area we never visited before. Holiday is over, but thankfully we took a lot of pictures that helps us remember the good times we had for a long time.

Meanwhile it’s dark now…and I moved inside because it is getting a bit chilly.
I just opened a bottle of wine, which we bought in the area we visited in Germany, the Mosel Valley. Taste of holiday, so I’m good to go and finish this blog.

While I was away on holiday, Robb was very busy with the animals… Just in case you missed it, check out my previous blogs. The animals kept Robb busy for weeks!
Those animals were taking over his house and I think that at some point things got a little bit out of control, which caused Robb to try to catch them:

Everyone was wondering what was going on with the animals, but all was revealed a couple of weeks ago. The animals were the cast for a music video. I just hope Robb was able to keep those animals in line…and got them to do what he wanted for the video… We’re not sure yet when exactly the video will be released, but keep an eye on Robb’s Facebook page to stay updated!

Below are a couple of videos of things happening behind the scenes during the video shoot:

Monkey fail…

And here’s a link to the behind the scenes pictures. As you can see a lot of people were involved with the making of this video!


Time to end this long blog.
There’s one song that perfectly suits the blog I just wrote.
Sunny Mountain. It’s a song Robb wrote about the time he and his fiancée had in Italy 2 years ago. The place where Robb wrote the album ‘Sleep Tonight’. There’s a certain melancholy in this song. The same feeling I have when thinking back of our two week holiday…
The lyrics say it all.

I’ll be on the sunny mountain
On the roads back to our home
Through the wooded green lands
Weaving circles with the trees

We owe you for this life
We owe you for this life

Oh the heart is tearful
For the beauty in our view
Earth that’s placed so gently
Decorates our spinning world

I’m trying hard to weigh all the reasons to leave
I’m coming home to my own genesis
I’ve got a feeling that I’ll long for this place badly when I want to be free

I’ll be on the sunny mountain
On the roads back to our home
Through the wooded green lands
Weaving circles with the trees

We owe you for this life
We owe you for this life
We owe you for this life
We owe you for this life

Meet me on the sunny mountain
On the roads back to our home
Through the wooded green lands
Weaving circles with the trees